Thursday, August 1, 2013

Day 3

Kate suggested we sleep in this morning since we returned home late from Rotary last night.  We obliged and slept in and had a relaxing morning.  Today we helped out with the "babies" while all of the Hekima Place staff was at their monthly staff development meeting from 8am to 4pm.

There are four babies here at Hekima that are too young for school.  Two are eighteen months and two are three.  Since Yvonne isn't enrolled in school she spent the morning with us too!

We did some coloring and reading and a little learning too.  Yvonne also discovered my digital camera and had a blast with it!  I think she took a couple hundred pictures today of everything from the walls to close ups of everyone!

Around 3 pm when the three year olds went down for their naps, Joe and I headed back to Karibu House for some lunch.  I made a fried egg sandwich with eggs from the Hekima chickens that are cooped right here!  After our yummy meal, I channeled my inner three year old and enjoyed some nap time.  Joe and I both seemed to get hit with a little jet lag today.

We spent the evening hanging outside with the girls.  Joe played football (soccer) while I was on playground duty.   We were all called for dinner and Joe and I enjoyed our first Hekima dinner with the mums and the girls.  After dinner we hung out at the blue house for a little bit and then headed back to Karibu once again.  We have an exciting tour tomorrow (can't reveal the details too early, want you to keep reading!) and we have to leave at 5:30 am!  So we're going to enjoy a Tusker, watch a DVD and hit the sack!

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