Monday, July 29, 2013

Halfway There

We made it to Heathrow!  What a beautiful airport with amazing shopping. Ted Baker... Mulberry... Boots!  That said, what a pain in the neck to navigate through!  It took us an hour to get from our arrival gate to get to our destination gate.  It involved a bus, a train and a thorough search of my carry-on (which was deemed 100% acceptable I might add).  We are going to wait for our flight to Nairobi and enjoy a Starbucks or two - pretty sure we won't be seeing many of these for the next few days!  Getting so excited for our adventure.  I will admit, I'm a little nervous too!  Spent some time reading the Lonely Planet Kenya guide as we crossed the Atlantic.  Found quite a few places I hope we get the opportunity to visit while we are in Karen!  I did learn one little factoid, the town we are staying in (Karen) is named after Karen Blixon, whose memoir "Out of Africa" was a popular book and film!  Hope to post soon from Kenya!

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